Smart drainage for modern basements.

Basements are today often used as living spaces, calling for better drainage and insulation.


Moisture gets out, but not in.

Our drainage boards are designed to block moisture from the outside while letting moisture from the inside through.


Improved indoor climate with outside insulation.

Outside wall insulation is the best solution, but it demands a lot from the material.


Made from waste.

We collect and recycle used products and can offer EPS made from 50% recycled material.

The modern basement – a living space.

As more basements are made into living spaces, the demands for insulation and comfort increase. The best way to insulate basement walls is on the outside, as it offers the driest wall and thus is the best solution. But the insulation material has to transport moisture out without letting any in. Our drainage boards are designed to do just that.

Turning up the heat.

When the temperature in the basement increases, the moisture pressure on the outer wall follows suit. Our drainage boards are designed to handle that pressure and keep the outer wall dry and warm for a better indoor climate. It also leads to lower heating costs thanks to its powerful insulation capacity.

Made to last.

One of the most sustainable things to do is to make products that last. That’s part of our focus, and our drainage boards are no exception. They will protect your house and indoor climate from the elements for a long time, and maintain their high performance throughout their lifecycle. When their service is eventually over, we collect the material and make new products out of it.

Sustainability, quality and flexibility.

We have the products you need, when you need them.