Low energy houses according to the building block principle

The smart way to a new holiday house, industrial building, swimming pool etc.

The BEWI ICF System can be used for foundations and walls in most constructions, from residential buildings, low energy houses and passive houses to industrial and agricultural buildings. The system consists of a moulded EPS boards that are assembled with plastic spacers, creating a flexible core. It can be filled with concrete, which gives a solid foundation or wall.

It is a unique, insulating construction system that saves energy, is fireproof, muffles sound and creates a good interior environment without mould. It’s also virtually maintenance-free.

In a residential home with a basic space of 100 sqm, two people can construct the ground floor framework in two days. That is a 40% shorter construction period, compared to traditional materials.

First, we deliver, then we’ll take it back

We have decided to lead the process towards a circular economy. An important step is our system for collecting and recycling EPS waste and spillage. EPS is 100% recyclable and we turn the EPS we collect to raw material for producing new EPS. This is how we are able to offer EPS made of recycled material.




Can be used for foundations and walls in most buildings

Fast and easy

40% shorter construction period compared to traditional materials


Saves energy and muffles sound for a good interior environment without mould


EPS is 100% recyclable


done Up to five levels above ground
done Exterior walls
done Apartment portioning wall
done Basement walls
done Residential houses
done Holiday homes
done Industrial facilities
done Pools