Electric knife - Handheld EPS/XPS cutter

Electric hot knife for fast, clean cuts in EPS & XPS

Compact tool for cutting profiles, holes, pipe breakthrough passages etc, in EPS. Minimises dust and particles.

A versatile tool for cutting holes and adjustments around drains, pipes etc in EPS and XPS. The heated knife cuts quick and effortlessly. Equipped for straight cuts and with built-in dual fans to prevent overheating.

Cutting EPS and XPS with a saw or knife often means mounds of waste, something that you’ll avoid with the cutter. It minimizes dust and particles, which means a cleaner workplace. Delivered with an aluminium carrier, 150 mm and 200 mm blades and several accessories.




Fast, clean cuts through EPS and XPS


For holes, profiles and adjustments around drains, pipes etc

Cleaner workplace

Minimises dust and particles

To go

It comes with a carry case and accessories


designation Art nr. Content / Pack
Electric knife 230 V/50 Hz 100 watt ELKNIV1 st
Replacement Blade StraightBLADRAK 1 st
Replacement Blade RoundBLADRUND 1 st