Save time and energy with our flexible wall solutions

It comes in moulded boards, is easily assembled and stacked according to the building block principle. It’s fast to build and a sustainable choice thanks to savings in heating costs


Shorter construction time

The moulded blocks make construction simple and quick.


Robust and adaptable

Provides a sturdy framework for basements, residential houses, industrial buildings, pools and more.


Low energy consumption

Great for the wallet and the environment, not to mention the indoor climate.

It’s as easy as it sounds

Our system makes it a whole lot easier to setup the wall framework of a building. The moulded boards are assembled with plastic bridges, then stacked together and finally the gaps between the boards are filled up with concrete. The system can save 40% of the construction time for a residential 100 m2 house while offering optimal indoor conditions and longevity.

Sustainable, smart and practically maintenance free

The system has low energy consumption and erases thermal bridges. The result is a comfortable, mould-free interior environment, and the material muffles sound and is virtually maintenance-free. The moulded boards have cast plastic rails, making it easy to attach interior and exterior covers, such as polish, panel, sheet metal or brick.

Powerful and recyclable

We have launched the Use-ReUse initiative to make people aware that EPS is 100% recyclable and plastics can be sustainable when used right. Also, our insulation products are carefully developed to provide the best possible insulation, which saves both energy and the climate every day.


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