Swimming pool

Build a better swimming pool with the BEWI ICF system
Swimming pool

The BEWI ICF system with moulded EPS is flexible, virtually maintenance free and perfect for swimming pool construction



Perfect for pools in almost any shape or size



EPS insulates against heat, cold and moisture


Made to last

EPS has compressive strength and durability



EPS is 100% recyclable

Let's go for a swim

Construct your swimming pool according to the building block principle. The BEWI ICF system consists of a moulded EPS which is assembled with plastic spacers in different dimensions, creating a flexible concrete core. The result is a unique, insulating construction system without mould. It’s also virtually maintenance-free.

Insulate with EPS

EPS has first-rate insulation properties against heat, cold and moisture (the excellent insulation properties have also been shown to reduce energy consumption). EPS has first-rate compressive strength, rigidity and durability. In other words: EPS is ideal for swimming pools.

Under cover

A good cover is one of the most important factors in enjoying a pool. The cover protects the water from dirt, insects, etc and insulates the pool, which helps you save energy. EPS is often used for pool covers, as it doesn’t rot and safeguards against cold weather as well as exposure to moisture, chlorine and other chemicals.

Hello mate!

Poolmate is perfect for pool parties. It holds six bottles, glasses or cans and a larger bottle in the middle. The thick bottom insulates so the beverages stay cold. It also keeps Poolmate within reach as you relax in the water. It’s your new best mate in the water.

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