Slope of roof

BEWI's roof pitches are made up of A-wedges, B-wedges and C-wedges.

The A-wedge occurs only once and can be deselected. The B and C wedges return. With this system you can build as wide roof pitches as you want. The backing board is an ordinary board with a certain thickness depending on which case you want. Roof slopes are available as standard in roof slopes 1/40 and 1/60. We can easily help you produce dimensions and number of wedges for a specific roof.


Art Nr Format mm Height front edge (mm) Height rear edge (mm) Num. / pallet
Slope of roof 1/40    
TF140A1200 x 1200205016
TF140B1200 x 120050808
Slope of roof 1/60    
TF160A1200 x 1200153524
TF160B1200 x 1200355512