Marina & Floating Docks

Excellent and long-lasting flotation properties
Marina & Floating Docks

Choose our lightweight, moisture resistant and low maintenance marine solutions


It can handle itself in water

Our products are reliable, strong, flexible and lightweight.


It can take a beating

Dents or piercings don’t lead to significant loss of flotation capacity.


A sustainable choice

EPS is 100% recyclable.

Think big

In combination with e.g. concrete, EPS can be used to make monumental floating platforms that host everything from housing to large scale ferry landings. These constructions are reliable and long-lasting, offering vast possibilities for innovation. The material’s exceptional ability to keep things afloat have been used for floating hotels, helipads, solar cells and restaurants.

The power of numbers

EPS consists of uncountable units moulded together, each its own independent air cell. This offers a high level of buoyancy, but also resilience to damages. Together with light weight, low cost and that it’s easy to cut, EPS has become an attractive choice as flotation material for floating docks, rafts and boats. We’re happy to design floating solutions that meet your needs, as well as work together with you to find new flotation uses for this versatile material.

Made for a long life on water

EPS provides high water resistance for the long run, with little need for maintenance. It’s also easy to calculate its buoyancy value and we’re able to offer EPS for flotation purposes in many shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

We’d like it back when you take it out of service.

At BEWI we have decided to lead the change towards a circular economy. A step in that direction is our extensive recycling operation, which is based on collecting and recycling EPS waste. We make new materials from it and can currently offer EPS made from recycled material.


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