BEWI Gram dampsperre

World`s first sustainable vaporbarrier
Vapor barrier

A unique, sustainable and flexible alternative that can last inside your house for up to 50 years


It adjusts to you

Available in several varieties and customizable to your requirements


Several benefits

Protects against mould and fungus while keeping the heat inside the house


Comparable to existing products

UV-protected and age-resistant, Gram Vapor Barrier offers comparable qualities


Truly circular

Made from sugar cane, it’s renewable and recyclable

Uncompromisingly circular

Going green shouldn’t come at a cost. That’s the task given to our R&D team and they have done a great job with Gram Vapor Barrier. It offers the same certifications and approvals as traditional vapor barriers. But that’s also where the common ground ends. Gram is 99.7% made from sugar cane, which grows in soil unsuitable for food production. That makes gram renewable, recyclable and sustainable. And the material for the future.

Easy to install

The installation is easy thanks to the self-adhesive edge. We have designed it to be as smooth as possible to install correctly, saving you time while ensuring reliable and long-term protection.

More comfort, less trouble

After a thorough testing phase, we can confidently say that Gram Vapor Barrier secures your house against mould, fungus and decaying. At the same time, it contributes to keeping the heat inside the house. It’s also UV-protected and made to last in the conditions it’s meant to be installed in.

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