Drainage board EPS Grey

Open to diffusion of inside moisture, stops outside moisture

For a dry, warm foundation wall and better indoor climate

In modern homes, the basement is often used as a living space, which puts higher demands on heat insulation and comfort. The walls can be insulated externally and internally and it’s important to drain water and moisture effectively. There should not be any excess humidity when the temperature rises in the basement. Drainage board EPS Grey allows inside moisture to escape and prevents outside moisture from getting in. The foundation stays dry and warm, creating a better indoor climate. The board is easy to install and minimizes the risk of thermal bridges and downdraughts. The fabric bonded to the board prevents soil particles from blocking the drainage grooves.

20% better insulation

The grey colour of EPS Grey is achieved by adding graphite, which improves insulation performance by 20% compared to traditional white EPS. The closed cells of EPS Grey trap air within the material. The trapped air is a poor conductor of heat, which slows down the transfer of heat. The result is a warmer indoor climate and better energy efficiency.


100% recyclable

EPS Grey is 100% recyclable and at BEWI we collect, compress and extrude used EPS and reuse it as raw material for new EPS. It’s a closed-loop that saves natural resources, minimize waste, lowers CO2 emissions and water use.




20% better insulation than white EPS

Diffusion open

Allows interior moisture to escape and stops exterior moisture

Warm interior

Protects against cold, wind, moisture and mould


EPS Grey is 100% recyclable