Sports venues

Strong and powerful insulation solutions for sports venues
Sports venues

Our XPS baseboards are ideal for sports venues due to their compressive strength and protection from heat and cold


A solution to rely on

Our baseboards are optimised to provide their insulation abilities year after year.


They stay intact

Although they take a beating from the elements, BEWI XPS doesn’t release any harmful substances or dust.


100 % recyclable

Our divisions work together to recycle and reuse our products to lead the way toward a circular economy.

Designed for sports

BEWI XPS insulation boards have a closed cell structure and provide excellent heat and frost resistance. They perform well in both dry and humid conditions and can handle massive pressure due to their compressive strength. That makes these boards a perfect match for sports venues and frost insulation in ground work.

Sports venue insulation your way

The XPS insulation boards come in different designs depending on the application. Either as rimmed, straight or tongued and grooved. We’re always open to listen to your specific needs and will do our outmost to meet them.

Let’s close the loop

When our insulation products are taken out of active service, we collect them for reuse. It’s how we take responsibility for the climate and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, and yours as well.


We have the products you need, when you need them