Drainage board XPS

Insulating drainage board with vertical drainage channels for basement walls.

Extruded polystyrene, XPS drainage board with a closed-cell structure that insulates, protects and drains water away.

It has first-class insulation properties, adapted for Nordic conditions with rainy summers and freezing winters. By placing the drainage board externally on the basement wall, it will prevent soil moisture from entering the foundation and keep the wall warm and dry.

The vertical drainage channels in the face of the board help to drain moisture away, and the thin filter fabric bonded to the board’s surface prevents soil particles from blocking the vertical channels. The shiplap type of edges minimizes the risk of thermal bridges.




First-class insulation properties adapted for Nordic conditions


Vertical channels drain water away.

Bonded fabric filter

Prevents soil particles from blocking the vertical channels


Minimizes the risk of thermal bridges

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Technical data

Characteristics Standard Unit CE-code XPS FOAM 300 PM
Compressive strength EN 826kPaCS (10/Y)300
Compressive creep EN 1606kPaCC (2/1,5/50)NPD
Thermal conductivity ≤ 60mmEN 13164W/mKλD0.033
Thermal conductivity > 60-80mmEN 13164W/mKλD0.034
Thermal conductivity > 80-120mmEN 13164W/mKλD0.035
Water absorption - Total immersion EN 12087Vol%WL(T)< 0.7
Water absorption - Diffusion 50-70mmEN 12088Vol%WD(V)≤ 2.0
Water absorption - Diffusion > 70mmEN 12088Vol%WD(V)≤ 1.0
Freeze/thaw, after 300 cyclesEN 12091Vol%FTCD< 2.0
Fire behavior (class)EN 13501-1-EuroclassNPD