Build roads faster, more sustainably and improve stability in one stroke

By using EPS blocks instead of gravel, the load on underground soil can be significantly reduced


Featherweight with heavyweight strength

Our EPS blocks are easy to handle while providing high compressive strength.


Accelerate construction

The low weight of EPS eliminates the need for heavy earth moving equipment which saves time.


100% recyclable

Our divisions work together to collect and recycle used EPS.

Optimal performance

EPS has played an important role in road construction since the 70’s as filling material for road banks and insulation for concrete foundations. Its wide use is due partly to the fact that it makes roadbuilding more efficient, thanks to its light weight and the stability it provides. That in turn relieves pressure on the ground below, making EPS ideal for projects with weak soil.

Many benefits

With EPS in the ground below you get several additional perks. It provides frost protection, its behaviour is predictable, is resistant to moisture and helps prevent slope failures. To help you with your project, you can depend on our long experience as one of Europe’s leading EPS manufacturers.

Let’s close the loop

When our EPS products are taken out of active service, we collect them for reuse. At BEWI, all divisions cooperate to lead the way toward a circular economy, and we’re happy to work with you to set up a closed-loop system. That way we can take responsibility for the climate and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.


We have the products you need, when you need them