Reliable and robust frost proofing and installation of ground constructions

Designed to handle construction site traffic and humid conditions, our products can be counted on throughout their lifespan


Low weight, high tolerance

Lower CO2-emissions and transportation costs without compromising strength.


We’ve done it since the 80’s

We’ve pushed the industry forward since then and you can rely on our experience.


100% recyclable

Our divisions work together to collect and recycle used EPS.

A wide range to suit all needs

We offer products for all kinds of ground constructions that keep moisture and mold at bay and provide you with an energy efficient construction. Or long experience in the field are at your service and vouch for quality and the right product for your project.

Special elements

No two projects are the same and although we have many different products, sometimes there’s a need for custom solutions. We’re able to offer special elements in various shapes and forms and often the extra cost is saved by less modifications needed at the site. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs!

Short term solutions are not circular

We design our products to last. That’s an important sustainability factor, but we’ve taken it further. Today our divisions work together to collect and recycle EPS and we use it to make new products. We want to lead the change toward a circular economy and spread the word that plastics have an important part to play in the future, if it’s used in the right way.


We have the products you need, when you need them