BEWI cast element

BEWIs cast element is a pre-assembled system for casting a slab on the ground. BEWI cast element is insulation and formwork in the same product. The system consists of straight elements that through its innovative design can be turned and used as both outer and inner corner.

The system is designed for a sleeper width of 198 mm. The elements are assembled by anchoring them with plastic ladders in embedded grooves. BEWI cast element is delivered in standard heights 600 and 450 mm. The element is 1200 mm long. The cast elements have a glued fiber cement board of high quality, which gives the finished cast a great finish and a protective outer layer. Concrete consumption 600 = 76 liters of concrete per element. 450 = 57 liters of concrete per element.
  • Straight and corners in the same element
  • The market’s only cast element with a pure concrete core
  • Short installation time
  • Delivered assembled