Requirements and recommendations:

According to the Building Regulations, constructions must be carried out in accordance with good practice, as well as with materials that are suitable for the current construction. Foundations must be established on a sustainable subsoil and must be dimensioned so that the normally occurring static and dynamic influences can be withstood. Foundations must be secured against rising ground moisture.
To ensure a sustainable subsoil, BEWI recommends that you associate a geotechnician with all projects, just as we recommend that all projects are assessed by an engineer so as to ensure that the right products are selected.

It is recommended that installations in the field are planned and carried out before installation of the Styroment® base system. In this way, subsequent excavations prevent the construction from weakening.
Use of Styroment® plinth system:
Styroment® plinth system is suitable for buildings in one or one and a half levels. The elements are often used for single-family houses or holiday homes, but they are also used for institutions, businesses, etc. The Styroment® plinth system can often replace a traditional foundation. By differentiating between our different floor insulation products, you can use Styroment® to achieve u-values ​​that live up to today’s requirements.
BEWI has standard documentation on the load-bearing capacity of the elements, but as this is generic data, all projects should be assessed by an engineer.