Recycled GreenLine insulation from BEWI positively contributes to climate requirements

In 'Coop City' in Albertslund, Denmark, the main contractor HHM A/S is using recycled GreenLine EPS insulation from BEWI in the construction of 138 homes. The area as a whole and the homes are to be DGNB Gold-certified and provided with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Aiming for DGNB Gold and The Nordic Swan Ecolabel of constructions

Since September 2023, HHM A/S has been working on the first construction project in the so-called ‘Coop City’, which includes a residential block with a total area of around 2,300 m².

As part of an ongoing improvement to the construction’s CO2 footprint, the choice of ground slab insulation was recycled GreenLine EPS insulation from BEWI. So far, foundations and ground slabs have been cast for three of the residential block’s four buildings, and work on the remaining is ongoing.

“Our supplier brought to our attention that it was possible to use recycled EPS insulation in the ground slab. We were naturally interested to learn more about this, as the ground slab has a significant impact on the CO2 accounts. All documentation was sent to our project department, which investigated the figures. There is, naturally, a small extra cost in using GreenLine instead of regular white EPS, but when you take in the total economy into account, the additional cost is minimal,” says Morten Gerber Larsen, Construction Manager at HHM A/S.

In the first phase of Coop City, three housing complexes will be constructed, including apartments, terraced houses, and a housing community. Additionally, a community house building, a parking facility, a childcare institution, and also a city park will be built in the area. The entire phase’s building mass will be DGNB Gold-certified and labelled with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The new attractive district is owned and developed by PensionDanmark.

Significant focus on CO2-saving materials

At HHM A/S, responsibility is an integrated part of the company’s business model, from the work environment to choosing the appropriate building materials. Besides GreenLine insulation, the company also uses concrete with a lower CO2-impact in several constructions.

“We experience that the materials fully live up to their function. As with GreenLine, the materials are thoroughly tested before we use them, and therefore we do not experience any difference,” says Morten Gerber Larsen.

Efficient material handling and minimizing waste are also priorities for HHM A/S. By using a hot wire cutter for adjusting the GreenLine insulation, they reduce waste compared to traditional cutting methods. These cut-offs on the building site can then be recycled again to new EPS.

Achieve certification of your construction project with GreenLine

BEWI collects used EPS that is recycled to produce GreenLine insulation. The use of GreenLine is ideal in connection with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and DGNB construction and other environmentally certified constructions. The reason behind is that GreenLine consists of recycled material and possess the same strong properties as regular EPS.

GreenLine halves the CO2 emissions compared to regular white EPS from BEWI. The product is CE-marked, and the properties of GreenLine are declared in the The Nordic Swan Ecolabel portal – a database of products that can be included in these Ecolabelled constructions.

GreenLine also supports DGNB certification by contributing to easier recycling, providing third-party verified EPDs, ensuring the absence of unwanted substances, promoting energy efficiency, preserving product robustness over time, improving thermal comfort and indoor climate, and offering recycled EPS, which collectively contribute to DGNB’s procedural, environmental, economic, social, and technical criteria.

Stian Halvåg, regional salgssjef i Byggmakker, på byggeplass med GreenLine EPS - sammen med Frank Lønseth, distriktssjef i BEWI Insulation.