Standard products

We offer a wide variety of simple, useful and inexpensive standard products
Standard products

Our standard products are products made by tools that we own ourselves



Large scale production lowers your price.


A wide range

Among our standard products are cool boxes, corner covers, edge guards and lots more!


We’ll handle the waste

We collect used EPS and make new products from it.

The easy way to get started

EPS is not only advanced moulds and expensive tools. It’s versatile and has properties that make it useful for a wide range of applications. We make many different kinds of standard products that are a great way to start exploring what this fantastic material can do.

It can really take a beating

Cellular plastic is very potent when it comes to cushioning and elasticity.  Factor in its low weight, and it’s in a league of its own. EPS actually consists of 98% air, which is what the plastic beads contain. Together they absorb impacts in the same way as collision zones do in a modern car.

We can recycle it again and again

At BEWI, we’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to sustainability. We can already offer EPS made from recycled material, but we have the bar set higher for the future. We want to lead the change towards a circular economy in the industry and help you reach your sustainability targets at the same time. Talk to us if you’re interested in setting up a waste management system that lets us collect and recycle your used EPS.


High quality and sustainable products for a better everyday