Make sure your bread, pastries and other baked goods travel well

Choose among our bakery packaging that’s been finely tuned to the your industry over decades


The highest level of protection and hygiene

Materials and designs that absorb impact and offer the highest level of food hygiene


Just the box you need

We have a wide range of boxes and trays


Brand it your way

Get the colour and print you want


Keep the flow

Easy to handle and designed to run smoothly on automated lines

Superior packaging that make you stand out

We haven’t simply made packaging for the bakery industry for many years. During those years, we have spent a lot of time and energy on making improvements. We’ve asked ourselves and our customers what’s important for a producer of bakery goods. One thing is that you want to be sure your goods arrive in the same condition as when they departed. To that end, we have chosen the best materials and designs available. The benefit for you is that the high quality of your goods can be relied on by the people they’re intended for.

We’ll make it the way you like it

Choose from many different items specifically designed for bakery goods. Should you have other needs, we’re happy to work with you in order to meet them. We’re open to new ideas, and our company culture leans on innovation. We can also offer extensive possibilities for tailored designs with a wide range of colours.

Sustainable plastics

We are committed to showing the world that plastics are sustainable as long as they’re collected, recycled and reused. We’re determined to lead the change towards a circular economy by keeping raw materials in the loop for as long as possible. We also collect worn-out packaging to keep it in the loop and develop products that last. All this can benefit your sustainability profile and, of course, the planet.

We’ll make it the way you want it

If you have wishes that are not met by our standard range, our experienced design team is happy to work with you and show the potential of our material and industry knowledge.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them