Packaging that keeps your berries pristine from plant to store

Let's make sure your berries are enjoyed at their best



Materials and designs that absorb impact


The right box

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes


In time

Boxes delivered when you need them


Stay fresh

Make sure your berries stay fresh during transport

Up to the challenge

Berries are sensitive and need packaging that absorbs shocks and keeps them well protected during transport. Our packaging solutions are designed to do just that, and make sure your customers get your produce at its best.

Stay fresh

Our berry packaging doesn’t absorb moisture – it lets water run straight through. This is absolutely essential to minimise the risk of rot and mold. The packaging also retains its shape during transport, which keeps the berries protected.

Reducing food waste

Every year more than a billion tonnes of food is wasted in the world. It’s one of the biggest emitters of CO2 globally. For the food industry, it’s also a significant financial loss. Our solutions can help you lower food waste, avoid unnecessary costs and be more sustainable.

Think global, act locally. There is growing interest in short food supply chains, local and organic food as part of a wider concern with sustainability. Our solutions make it easier for you to offer the high-quality local berries consumers ask for.

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