Fabricated Foam

First-rate protection, insulation and fixating properties as you want it, when you want it.
Fabricated Foam

Fabricated Foam means that we purchase material in blocks and process it into solutions tailored for you. We mainly use EPE and PUR blocks that we can deliver on short notice.


Express delivery

Short cycles from idea to finished product


Custom made

Realize your ideas quickly and cost-efficiently


Tough and kind

The material is both protective and kind to delicate surfaces


Perfect fit

We make sure that the packaging fits the product perfectly

Packaging solutions with short lead times

Fabricated Foam is mostly made from EPE or PUR. Both materials arrive at our sites in blocks, that we then shape with precision to meet your specific needs. Your finished solution is processed without advanced moulding forms and customised tools, which means lower costs and the potential to produce shorter series that can be delivered quickly.

Looking good

Our design team will create an optimal packaging solution based on your specified requirements, even for limited series. We make sure that the packaging fits the product perfectly in order to save both material and storage space. This means lower transport costs and a reduced environmental impact.

A jack of all trades

PUR has open cells that allow air and water to pass through. This makes it perfect as filling material in furniture and mattresses, as packaging for fragile products and as shock-absorbing cushioning. On top of its many uses, PUR is available in three colours: grey, white and pink.


We have the products you need, when you need them