EPS Filler Board

The easy-to-use filler that protects and fixates products in packaging and pallet collars

Efficient shock-absorbtion that protect and fixate products placed in packaging and pallet collars.

The board is divided into modules that are easy to break off to make the board fit perfectly. The thickness can be adapted by combining the modules, which makes is easy to protect products in various sizes
and with different levels of fragility in the same package.
The board is available in different lengths, widths and heights, with different modules and with or without antistatic treatment.
Made of 100% recyclable EPS



Protects and fixate products inside packaging.


Easy to adjust to desired size for ultimate protection.

Different shapes

Choose between different shapes for best shock-protection.


Made of 100% recyclable EPS

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ART. NO. Description Dimensions Quantity / package Quantity / pallet
9720001Pulley 10 mm - antistatic1056 x 352 x 10 mm-400 pcs
9720002Pulley 15 mm - antistatic1056 x 352 x 15 mm-324 pcs
9720003Pulley 35 mm - antistatic1056 x 352 x 35 mm-120 pcs
455620Pulley 15 mm851 x 296 x 15 mm200 pcs400 pcs
455630Pulley 35 mm851 x 296 x 35 mm100 pcs200 pcs