Technical Components

Moulded components that improve product usability
Custom made

Robust, shock-absorbing and insulating EPS and EPP units with weight and plasticity advantages


The right solution for every product

Expanded foams are easily shaped and available in various densities.


Made to serve and protect

On top of a perfect fit, you get outstanding insulation properties and shock absorption.


What about recycling?

When the products have done their job, we’ll recycle them to make new ones.

At your service

With BEWI, you get a dedicated team focused on supporting you in the design process. We have long experience in manufacturing technical parts for a vast array of applications. We’ll start with your 3D model or the actual product and use it to create a model of an optimal packaging solution that meets your requirements. We can present it in a 3D environment and as a prototype. We take responsibility for the entire process, including fall testing, tool production, creation of an outer box and other accessories.

A handful of advantages

Flexible, light, robust, insulating and outstanding shock absorption. The versatility of expanded plastic foam continues to open up for new uses, and our designer’s knowledge and creativity enable us to tailor the material to your specific needs. That way, you get the full power of what this fantastic material has to offer.

Helmets and protective gear

The characteristics of EPS make it very suitable for protecting people. It’s outstanding for helmets, as it’s light and can be moulded for a perfect fit. We can also use material with varying densities, which provides excellent material strength and make sure regulations are met.


Both EPP and EPS can be moulded with high precision. A tight fit is important to protect electronics from damage during transport, and the materials air-filled cells offer very high impact absorption. A tailored mould also makes packaging easier, faster and safer while it protects your products against humidity and temperature fluctuations.

We use the old the make the new

At BEWI, we’re determined to lead the change to a circular economy in our industry. An important part is to take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the products we manufacture. We’re happy to setup a closed-loop system together with you, where we’ll collect used material and recycle it to make new products. Let’s talk and find a tailored waste management solution that suits your business and the planet.


Sustainable, high-quality components delivered just in time.