Keeping Danish fish fresh

Pandalus A/S in Hanstholm, Denmark, deliver fresh cod, haddock, hake and other fish and shellfish to wholesalers all over Western Europe. They are renowned for their quality and will not settle for any old box to transport the fish. They use EPS boxes developed in collaboration with BEWI Styropack.

Delivered overnight

– We cut the fish by hand and deliver overnight. It’s extremely important that the fish look as good when it arrives at the wholesaler as when it left Hanstholm. We need boxes with first-rate impact protection and insulation characteristics, says Henning Søe, Co-Owner at Pandalus.

– Pandalus’ EPS boxes are optimised for their production line and to fit perfectly on their pallets. We’ve made sure that the boxes are easy to handle and stack both in freezing lockers and when they’re transported. We have worked together to design boxes that make Pandalus’ process run smoothly, says Karl Erik Olesen, Managing Director at BEWI Styropack.

Pandalus’ boxes come either with or without drain holes (for air freight) and don’t have any sharp edges, hinges or anything else that may damage the fish filets. The boxes are EPS and EPS only.

– The boxes are often filled with ice to keep the temperature low during transport. The EPS insulates so well that the fish keep fresh even on long hauls in warm weather, which means less food waste, says Karl Erik Olesen, BEWI Styropack.

EPS is 98 % air, which makes the boxes very light and reduces transportation costs. EPS is also 100 % recyclable. Used boxes are easy to compress, recycle and turn into new EPS. It’s a sustainable solution, perfect for the catch of the day and the future

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