EPS is close to the heart

When a heart fails every second count.

A defibrillator close by can make a huge difference. The Danish company Cabix produces cabinets that make it easy to install defibrillators in offices and other workplaces as well as homes, schools, etc.

Defibrillator cabinets are usually made of steel or thermoplastics. But Cabix wanted a material that could be moulded to fit around their products, a lightweight and cost-effective material that is soft enough not to harm anyone who bumps into it.

Together with BEWI, Cabix has developed a new cabinet custom made from EPS. That is made it possible for Cabix to fit the defibrillator and electronics tight and secure in the cabinet. EPS is also 98% air, which means that it is light, yet sturdy enough to keep the cabinet secured to the wall.

It has an uncluttered Nordic design that fits into any environment and is clearly visible, so it’s easy to find – and use – in an emergency. Using EPS also means that there are no sharp edges inside that may damage the electrical wires. That is vital since the defibrillator must be connected to the electrical grid in order to be constantly charged.

When the cabinet is opened, an alarm goes off to summon help from people nearby. A magnetic lock makes it easy to open, and energy-saving technology keeps the batteries working up to five years.

Cabix also has a cabinet made from EPP, which may be suitable for outdoor cabinets. But in this case, using EPS made it possible for them to produce a sustainable solution with built-in electronics at a fair price.

If it saves a life, it’s a bargain.


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