Circular thinking to go

The collaboration of BEWI Denmark and keeps food fresh, customers satisfied and the loop closed Watch the video
Circular thinking to go

Sustainability for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fresh all the way to the customers

BEWI produce the EPS-boxes use to deliver meal boxes to households all over Denmark. EPS protects, insulates and keeps the inside temperature steady, which keeps Retnemt’s meal boxes fresh all the way to the customers.

The boxes are usually returned, washed, disinfected and re-used. But when they are discarded, we have the recycling system in place.

Re-born in Thisted

The used EPS boxes are shredded and compacted for easier and more efficient transport to the BEWI plant in Thisted. Here the shredded EPS goes through a metal detector to make sure that it’s clean. The EPS is extruded and turned into pellets that are used as raw material for EPS production.

100% sustainability – it is a closed loop that reduces CO2 emissions and the use of new raw materials.

By working together, we can make a difference and contribute to the circular economy.

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