BEWiSynbra launches major EPS-recycling initiative


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BEWiSynbra launches major EPS-recycling initiative

BEWiSynbra Circulars mission is to collect and recycle EPS material. Now it launches Use-ReUse, an initiative and concept to increase awareness of the benefits of recycling EPS among both companies and the general public.

Expandable polystyrene, EPS, also called cellular foam, is used for packaging and insulation. BEWiSynbra has an annual capacity to produce 185,000 tonnes of EPS raw material.

“For too long too much EPS has been incinerated, leading to unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions and waste. BEWiSynbra is determined to lead the change. We collect and recycle EPS so it can be reused” says Martin Bekken, Managing Director at BEWiSynbra Circular.

With the introduction of the concept “Use-ReUse”, BEWiSynbra aims to set a new industry standard for collecting and recycling EPS.

“Environmental concerns are rising but few people and companies know how easy – and important it is to recycle EPS. The Use-ReUse initiative will make more people aware of this and at the same time, offer a solution for collecting and recycling at all levels. Recycling EPS leads to less emissions and better use of resources. By collecting EPS we avoid leaving waste in the wrong places,” says Martin Bekken. “Use-ReUse is a long-term project. We are trying to change people’s and companies’ behavior and that takes time, but I’m optimistic,” continues Bekken.

For further information, please contact:
Martin Bekken, Managing Director BEWiSynbra Circular, tel: +46 73 810 05 04

About BEWiSynbra Group AB
BEWiSynbra is one of the larger producers of expandable polystyrene (EPS) in Europe. The Company is strategically integrated throughout the value chain with an annual production capacity of 185,000 tonnes of the raw material EPS beads and is a market leader in solutions for Packaging & Components and Insulation in several European countries. EPS, also called cellular plastic foam, is among others used for packaging of food, pharmaceuticals and technical components, as well as insulation of buildings and infrastructure.