The impressive BORA flagship store meets high energy efficiency standards, thanks to Jackodur® XPS insulation

Energy efficient construction with Jackodur® XPS

BORA, a German kitchen appliances provider, recently opened its spectacular flagship store in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Jackodur® XPS thermal insulation boards from BEWI played a crucial role in meeting stringent European energy standards and increased energy efficiency.



Futuristic and sustainable architecture

For the architect Peter Lorenz, the task was particularly exciting: “The challenge was to find the architecture for the BORA flagship store that reflects the image of the innovative company”. The decision landed on a 100 meter long wing; a curved, dynamic building structure. The flagship store leans towards the visitors, conveying the BORA image: High-tech, futuristic, and sustainable.

In addition to outstanding architecture, sustainability has been a vital part of this project from the start. The requirement was a “nearly (net) Zero Energy Building” (nZEB) according to European standards – a building with an energy demand close to zero. “We have successfully achieved this goal,” emphasises Peter Lorenz.

Meeting stringent energy standards

A significant contribution to this was 1900 square meters of Jackodur® XPS thermal insulation boards with a thickness of 200 mm, installed on the parking areas of the BORA flagship store, below the hovering wing.

Tino Dannenberg, Product Manager in Jackon by BEWI, explains the advantages of the Jackodur® XPS thermal insulation boards: “The excellent insulation properties provide high energy efficiency. The easy, single-layer installation offers time- and cost-savings in the building process. In sum, these performances contribute to fulfill the nZEB standard.”

BEWI also organized the collection of XPS construction debris and packaging materials for recycling, all in line with the company’s commitment to increase circularity and save resources.