Sustainability meets innovation in Kildebjerg's housing project

In the heart of Kildebjerg, Ry, 64 homes are rising with a commitment to the environment. Anchored with 9,000 m2 of GreenLine insulation, these homes are a testament to forward-thinking, sustainable construction. Spearheaded by Enemærke & Petersen A/S, the project is marching towards DGNB Gold Certification.
BEWI delivers GreenLine

Pioneering recycled EPS insulation, to 64 homes in Ry.

Enemærke & Petersen A/S is the main contractor for the project in Kildebjerg in Ry, where 64 homes are constructed with 9,000 m2 of GreenLine insulation in the ground slab. The entire project is being carried out to DGNB Gold certification standards, with an emphasis on sustainable and sensible construction.

The 64 homes range in size from 65 to 88 m2 and are spread across 14 buildings in the attractive Kildebjerg neighborhood in Ry. The ground slab insulation, GreenLine, supplied by BEWI Insulation Denmark A/S, is a groundbreaking insulation product made from 100% recycled EPS.

Sustainable construction

“At Enemærke & Petersen, we prioritize sustainable construction, which is also a consistent theme in the material choice for Kildebjerg in Ry. When a building is to be DGNB Gold-certified, we look, among other things, at which materials have a heavy CO2 footprint, and both concrete and insulation are significant factors here. That’s why we chose to use BEWI’s recycled GreenLine insulation in the ground slab. The price difference between GreenLine and standard new EPS is small and insignificant in the overall budget,” says Patrick Andersen, project manager at Enemærke & Petersen A/S.

Waste sorting a high priority

It is not just the sustainable insulation that is prioritised on the construction site in Ry. Construction waste and debris are also carefully sorted into marked containers sent for recycling. The same goes for cut-offs from the recycled GreenLine insulation, which are continuously collected in bags by, among others, Christopher Amorsen, building constructor at JDN Byg, responsible for the earthwork, sewage, paving, and concrete contracts:

“I can’t see or feel any difference between the GreenLine insulation and standard new EPS. In fact, I think it feels a bit more sturdy.”

Responsible waste management

When laying out the GreenLine, JDN Byg uses a hot-wire cutter, which easily and delicately adjusts the EPS insulation to the correct sizes and angles. This ensures the subcontractor that the EPS doesn’t crumble and blow away.

“We support the green profile. It’s exciting to work with recycled materials and contribute to responsible waste management,” says Dennis Hasle, project manager at JDN Byg.

The developer is Enemærke & Petersen’s property development. The first shovel was put in the ground in June 2023, and the project is expected to be completed by 1 November 2024.

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