Now we make bird’s nests too

Spring is in full swing and birds are building their nest for the season. An appropriate period to inform you about a new product – The IsoBouw Avi nest box.
The Dutch care for birds

Isobow has a solution

The Dutch care for birds. If you remove a bird’s nest when you renovate a house or build a new one in the Netherlands, you have to replace it with two new nests. That’s the law. BEWiSynbra’s Dutch company Isobouw have a solution.

The wooden nest box is factory installed in the insulation core on the gutter side and integrated with the element. This means no additional construction work is needed. The rest is up to the birds. As Isobouw says: The birds clean the nests themselves. No disassembly is necessary.

It’s easy to fit at all points of the compass, but should ideally be placed on the north side since the sparrow prefers to nest there. The Avi nest box is specially made for house sparrows and tits, which are the most common birds in urban areas.

A new or renovated house gets excellent BEWiSynbra insulation, and the birds get a five-star lodging. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly at the same time.

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