Made in Genevad

The Genevad factory manufactures insulation solutions for the construction industry, with cutting lines for EPS boards and shape moulding for foundation units. Watch the video

BEWI acquired its first factory outside Norway in 2006

BEWI acquired the production facility in Genevad in southern Sweden in 2006. It was the first BEWI factory outside Norway and an important step in our strategy – through mergers and acquisitions, strengthen our offering to our customers.

Insulation solutions

In Genevad, we manufacture insulation solutions for the construction industry with cutting lines for EPS-boards and shape moulding for our foundation units. We also have industrial robots, and with their precision work, we can increase the production speed further. At this factory, we can also manufacture special order products for our customers.

EPS from BEWI are often used as insulation in building foundations. They protect against cold and moisture, which helps to lower the building’s energy consumption. Since EPS also is 100% recyclable, it’s a sustainable solution in more ways than one.

Sustainability across borders

The acquisition of the Genevad factory was the first step in BEWI’s growth strategy. We learned early on the benefits of EPS as a packaging material and realized we could also make a difference as a producer of insulation solutions. Today, we have more than 40 factories in ten countries in Europe.

We have decided to lead the change towards sustainability and circularity in our industry and was one of the first companies with the goal to become circular.

We are not satisfied until all the products we add to the circular economy every year are recycled or reused by us at BEWI.

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