Custom designed and sustainable transport protection for exclusive bathroom furniture.

INR (Iconic Nordic Rooms) and BEWI have created a transport protection made from recycled EPS that fits all their bathroom furniture. Watch the video
Smarter and greener protection

One size fits all

”To us, EPS is superior to all other materials when it comes to protecting our products from transport damages and making installation easier”.

Henrik Gustavsson, Innovation Manager på INR

Premium design

INR stands for Iconic Nordic Rooms and they design, manufacture and sell Nordic premium design bathroom furniture. To INR the brand is important and all products must be delivered without any damage whatsoever. The product materials are exclusive and sensitive, which puts high demands on handling and transport.

The collaboration with BEWI stretches over several years and when INR got the suggestion to shift to recycled EPS, it felt right. The project, which was a joint venture between INR and BEWI’s design department, developed a transport protection out of recycled EPS, which can be adjusted to fit all INR’s bathroom furniture.

”It has lowered manufacturing costs while simplifying handling in our production”.

Recycled EPS

Packaging material in EPS is a product that’s only used once. However, EPS can be reused almost indefinitely without compromising quality. INR is the first of BEWI’s customers to choose recycled EPS, which is an important step for the environment.

On top of the recycled EPS, the new transport protection features a smart design that allows easy adjustment in order to make it fit different furniture. The reason that EPS is superior to other materials in transport protection is due to that it doesn’t scratch the product’s finish. EPS is also very shock-absorbing, lightweight and water repellant.

Furthermore, EPS can be used to protect drawers and cupboards during production by using the EPS as an underlay. This way the products are never in direct contact with the floor and risk being exposed to moisture or dust, which can affect the finish.


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