From production of surplus energy to sustainable heating of family homes

Energy-efficiency in Skara municipality

Through a creative collaboration, BEWI in Skara, Sweden, can offer surplus energy from its production processes to 250 houses

“By collaborating with energy supplier Skara Energi, we’ve adopted an efficient approach to manage surplus energy from our production process, supplying heat to families in Skara. This action demonstrates our commitment to reusing resources and lowering energy consumption”

Fredrik Johansson | BEWI Packaging Sweden


Turning surplus energy into sustainable heat

Skara Energi, the main energy supplier in Skara, Sweden, is constantly seeking new ways to deliver sustainable energy to the municipality, while lowering its CO2 emissions. Through a creative collaboration with BEWI, Skara Energi found a way to use surplus energy from BEWI’s manufacturing process nearby to heat approximately 250 homes. Instead of letting the heat go to waste, families benefit from it.

“This way we can contribute to a sustainable development of Skara and reduce our own environmental impact”, says Magnus Jacobsson from Skara Energi

Efficient energy solutions

BEWI’s facility in Skara specialises in developing and manufacturing components and solutions for the automotive and packaging industry. The production process generates heat, and the machines need to be cooled with water.

”Through our collaboration with Skara Energi, we now work in a more sustainable way with our surplus energy. We supply heat to Skara’s homes, and we receive cold water back into our process. The efforts we are making now align with our strategic priorities, working diligently and actively to reduce energy consumption and increase resource-efficiency”, says Fredrik Johansson from BEWI.