Fostering sustainability through collaborative collection and recycling

Giving new life to used EPS Watch the video
Driving circularity with Nacka Vatten & Avfall

Sustainable partnerships in action!

“BEWIs ambition is to drive the change towards circularity. The collaboration we have with dedicated partners is a success factor for increasing the usability of our materials. Our goal is to establish more partnerships and provide people in other municipalities with the same opportunities as those in Nacka have”

Elin Sohlberg | BEWI Circular

From waste to recycling for climate savings

Nacka Vatten & Avfall deposit centre is constantly seeking different ways to handle the materials, gladly in collaboration with others. Through our partnership we’ve transitioned EPS from waste being incinerated to being recycled and given a second life as new products. This aligns with the spirit of Nacka Municipality’s waste plan and resonates with national waste goals.

“This way, we achieve great climate savings and take a step up the waste hierarchy, which we are really proud of”, says Jan Setréus, manager at Nacka Vatten & Avfall

Synergies of efficient collaboration

Efficient sorting methods at the deposit centres ensure that residents directly and positively impact the environment. At BEWI, we amplify this impact by enhancing the lifecycle of our materials. Our process involves collecting, compacting, and transforming used EPS into new granules for producing new end products and solutions, such as insulating boards for the construction industry.


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