BEWI's new top modern production line in Skövde paves the way for energy efficient insulation solutions

BEWI establishes a new production line for Siroc foundation systems at the company’s facility in Skövde, Sweden. The advanced production line significantly strengthens the company’s capacity of this highly popular solution. BEWI has strong ambitions for further growth in insulation solutions, and this investment demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to offer innovative solutions improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Well-positioned for future growth in insulation solutions

“We are proud to present our new, state-of-the art production line. With 14 new robots operating around the clock and a substantional facility upgrade, we can double the production capacity of Siroc foundation systems, making us well-positioned for future growth“, says Niklas Priebe, managing director of BEWI’s operations within insulation and construction in Sweden

The investment follows a significant renovation of BEWI’s 21,000 m2 production area in Skövde. The facility manufactures a range of energy efficient full-scale solutions, including product with recycled content, for the building and construction industry. Its strategic location near customers enhances logistics, leading to a reduction in transport and CO2 emissions.

Improved product design for a more sustainable construction

Siroc is renowned in the building industry and has been the preferred choice for contractors for 25 years, thanks to its exceptional properties and customised solutions. The system ensures a safe, solid and energy efficient foundation for family houses and commercial buildings. Recent improvements in product design facilitate the assembly process, and the patented adhesive manufacturing method enhance the fracture strength of the foundation blocks by 65 per cent. These improvements are not just technical advancements, they mark a notable development in creating more durable building materials.

“Providing our customers with sustainable solutions is a top priority. By centring our efforts on innovative and energy efficient solutions, we address current environmental challenges and pave the way for future advancements in the building sector, in line with our strategic priorities”, concludes Priebe.