Key stakeholders in the Czech plastic recycling industry discuss EPS closed loop solutions

Collaboration on waste management, collection, recycling and reuse

Five of the leading users of recycled plastics met with a delegation from BEWI at the group’s facility in Czechia. Being one of Europe’s leading pioneers in closed-loop EPS (expanded polystyrene) recycling technology, BEWI attracted companies from the Czech Republic, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.



Recycling solutions for used EPS

“These meetings are about getting ready for the EU’s 2025 deadline, when 65 per cent of packaging must be recyclable” explains Aljosa Krizman, EVP and Head of BEWI Circular. “It’s very encouraging to see the Czech industry taking early action on ESG commitments. But it’s not surprising – this country has long been ahead when it comes to sustainability.”

The discussions focused on collection, waste management, and new solutions for turning discarded EPS into rGPPS (Recycled General Purpose Polystyrene) ready for a second life as insulation or packaging products.

“Making the closed-loop concept work is not easy”, Aljosa Krizman continues. “Most companies want to do right, but the challenges can be daunting. That’s where we come in. We’re technicians, we have special equipment and we’re ready to help our partners and customers.”

The closed loop approach of EPS

Recycling is a C-Suite agenda item throughout Europe today. The EU’s Circular Economy Package revisions to Directive 94/62/EC mandate recycling across the map by January 2030 and require packaging materials to be recyclable at scale by January 2035. But long before then comes the 65 per cent 2025 deadline.

“Czech companies are exploring the possibilities of circular packaging and taking active steps”, says Artem Ocheretin, Managing Director of BEWI Czechia. “It strikes a chord with us at BEWI – we were early proponents of the closed-loop approach, today we collect and recycle more used EPS than any other insulation company in Europe.”