Sustainable packaging solutions

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Based on natural products

BEWI Cellpack manufactures exclusively environmentally friendly packaging

Packaging from BEWI Cellpack is made of paper materials, which decompose quickly in nature if they are not recycled for other purposes. Packaging based on paper breaks down in a matter of months – of course depending on how heavy the paper is. You can read more about degradation times at Keep Denmark Clean.

We are experiencing increasing interest and attention around environmentally friendly packaging – both with our customers and our customers’ customers; the end-users who have to dispose of the packaging. That our packaging can be compressed by up to 75% – is another advantage in relation to both the environment and the economy.

At BEWI Cellpack, we are also FSC® certified, and we can therefore offer several of our packaging solutions made of FSC® certified paper. As a customer, you can therefore choose whether your solution should be made with FSC® certified paper or not. Call and hear more about the difference.