De automatiske pakkemaskiner fra BEWI har vist sig at være en fremragende tilføjelse til pakkelinjen for skibe, der er beskæftiget med frysning ombord.

In a packing machine, the block is placed on the gripping belt and the automatics guide it through the machine, packing and closing the bag tightly around the block before it ends up in the freezer compartment.

It is not uncommon for fishermen to be skeptical of new solutions on board, especially when it comes to automation. This is probably the way it has to be. A liner or trawler is often several days away from the port. If something is damaged at sea, it can be complicated to do the necessary repair and service.

Nordic packing machine

However, the automatic packing machine from Nordic by BEWI has proven to be an excellent addition to the packing line for vessels engaged in onboard freezing. The Nordic packing machine is solid and has a minimal need for spare parts.

The ship’s need for crew is reduced and the packing machine can handle fish blocks weighing up to 75 kg. The fish handling speed may double from the vertical freezer to the freezer compartment.

The machine is an investment in efficiency, health, and well-being on board.

Nordic welding machine

A stand-alone welding machine for horizontal and vertical blocks effectively closes the bag without the use of additional products, such as tension straps or tape.


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