I den frosne form stilles fisk og skaldyr til rådighed for hele verden. Emballagen leveret af os sørger for kvaliteten.

Cod, haddock, tusk, ling, redfish, halibut, shrimps and crabs

These are some of the names of the sea’s harvested values. In the frozen form, fish and shellfish are made available to the whole world. The packaging delivered by us takes care of the quality. Our people are present all the way and ensure the right packaging. Cardboard, plastic, bags, and closure. We have developed labour-saving packing machines to handle fish blocks in all sizes and up to 75 kilos. Nordic Bag complies with the quality required in all Nordic packaging machines. We visit the factory managers and solve large and small issues along the way.



Nordic Bag is the brand of bags with the most suitable quality for frozen HG, and we have worked with this type of packaging for more than 20 years. The bags are designed especially for Nordic Packing Machine and Nordic Welding Machine. We work continuously with the development of this kind of bag, both in terms of sustainability and the different types of fish. Nordic Bag offers a special bag for redfish and blue halibut which is lightproof and has an inner coating. We also have a lightproof alternative in the redfish’s complementary color turquoise.

Nordic Eco Bag is our latest project – a bag for recycling. This bag is light and space-saving and is returned for recycling after use. The material will then become a resource in further production worldwide. All Nordic Bags can be delivered with your own print.

We are the boat’s partner in all packaging for seafood.


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