Innovation and design saves time, money and emissions

We work closely together with our customers to create optimal solutions that raise efficiency.
Our design philosophy

Making more with less

”Innovation and a well-thought-out design are essential to any packaging solution and a great investment.”

Roberth Carlsson, Technical Manager | BEWI

The benefits

There are many ways that design can save resources and decrease emissions. This in turn saves money and helps our customers improve efficiency thanks to smarter packaging solutions. That’s why we always put effort into the design process and also stress working together with our customers. Cooperation and planning are key to reap the benefits of a thorough design process.

So what are the benefits? Thanks to the properties of EPS and EPP, which are light and easy to shape into any form, the benefits are many. We often aim at making packaging that can be used for a wide range of product models, which directly saves costs. Another goal is to use resources efficiently and always think about how we can save space for our customers. This in turn lowers transportation costs and emissions.

”Using recycled materials in our designs also contributes to a circular economy”. Says, Roberth Carlsson, Technical Manager at BEWI.

Closing the loop

At BEWI we’re determined to lead the way to a circular economy in our industry. Smarter design plays an important part in that shift, as it saves resources in multiple ways. We always aim at making more with less, even though we use an increasing amount of recycled material. We work closely with our customers and collect and recycle used EPS. In this sense, EPS is a fantastic material to work with, as it can be recycled over and over again.

It’s a closed-loop system that belongs in the circular economy and helps our customers make sustainable choices.


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