Enhancing safety and quality in baby strollers

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Innovation with Tutis

Driving sustainable solutions for the safety of future generations

“As an innovative company, we always search for new ways to improve our products. We were looking for a business partner that matches our values, and we found one – BEWI. We started collaborating, combined our knowledge, and the outcome of this was a unique product that gave us an edge to compete in the global market.”

Vaidotas Staskunas, Product manager | Tutis

Passion for innovative thinking

Tutis is a renowned Lithuanian baby stroller manufacturer with a high focus on safety, innovation and product excellence. A few years ago, the company embarked on a mission to enhance the safety features of its strollers, seeking inspiration from various industries. The pursuit led the company to an unlikely source: The world of helmets. The idea struck: Why not create a protective shield similar to a helmet to safeguard children from harsh environments, wind, heat, and cold? Bringing this concept to life required a reliable business partner, and that’s when Tutis found the perfect match in BEWI.

A powerful synergy of expertise

The collaboration between Tutis and BEWI brought together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their respective industries. Tutis combined its innovative mindset with BEWI’s overarching goal of protecting people and goods.

The result is an extraordinary stroller with a specially designed enclosure (an “oversized helmet”) ensuring maximum safety for children. This innovative solution provides comprehensive protection against impacts and adverse weather conditions. By merging resources and knowledge, Tutis and BEWI have enhanced the safety of the strollers and improved the overall quality and durability of the products.

This collaboration stands as a testimony to the potential that lies within strategic partnerships, ultimately benefiting not only the companies involved, but also today’s users and future generations.


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