Loose beads

The main purpose of loose beads are comfort

Standard bead

The main purpose of loose beads are comfort. That’s why the bead itself is quite different from the rest of our range. The benefit of this grade is that the beads adjust to the body, which offers great comfort when you lie or sit on a beanbag or seat cushion.


BEWI RAW has developed a bio-degradable bead that’s industrially compostable. We call it BioFoam® and it also adapts to your body shape. The benefit of BioFoam® is that when you have to refill the beanbag or cushion, the BioFoam® beads can be composted and reused in “growing” the next generation of BioFoam® beads.

If you’re interested in finding out more about loose beads and the comfort they offer, contact us!