Climate & HVAC

Energy-saving, versatile and reliable EPP solutions.

Our EPP climate and HVAC solutions increase the lifespan of pumps, boilers, valves, heat exchangers and control mechanisms.


Excellent insulation qualities.

You get less energy loss within the system of a refrigerator or air conditioner.


Cost-effective protection.

Easy to shape, sturdy yet elastic and flexible. EPP offers reliable protection for sensitive equipment.


It’s even recyclable!

We can offer EPP made from 25% recycled material.

It gets the job done.

EPP is in a class of its own when it comes to insulation. Add its low weight, compressive strength, energy absorption, sound insulation, flexibility and it becomes obvious that EPP is an attractive candidate for all types of HVAC applications.

A chameleon.

EPP foam is easy to shape to fit most applications. In addition to insulation, it can serve as mechanical protection for equipment dependent on low weight, such as ventilation systems and wall-mounted air conditioning. We have long experience of all kinds of climate and HVAC solutions and we’re happy to discuss your needs.

Energy saving and 100% recyclable.

Our climate and HVAC products are designed to save energy and protect important equipment, so that it lasts longer. That saves resources, just as the recycling process of EPP. At BEWI, we’re determined to break new sustainable ground, and we can already offer EPP made from 25% recycled material.


High quality and sustainable products for a better everyday.