Total packaging waste management

The full-service recycling solution from BEWI Circular

BEWI Circular helps you recycle EPS, paper, plastic, wood and cardboard - and close the loop

Rental and sales of compaction equipment

For suppliers with larger volumes. Suitable for e.g. larger construction projects, electrical components industry, recycling centres or fish industry.

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Collection and compaction service

Suitable for suppliers with lower volumes and proximity to a hub.

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Compaction partner

You take care of everything from collection to compaction. Suitable for e.g. waste management companies

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Waste management made easy

One company, one contract, zero complications. If you have many different packaging materials that need recycling, this is the solution for you.

At BEWI Circular we specialise in finding solutions for packaging waste across all industries, from fish exporters to car manufacturers. By choosing us as your recycling partner, you choose quality and an easy partnership.

We will collect and recycle your waste in the most efficient, time-saving and sustainable way possible. Together we can find a way to close the loop, save natural resources, lower CO2 emissions – and elevate your business.

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How it works

In order to tailor the best recycling solution for your needs, we will do a thorough on-site sustainability analysis.

We start by analysing the amount of waste and how your present recycling process works.

Then we set up the most cost- and resource-efficient collecting and recycling solution for your needs. And we’ll make sure that your employees do not spend more time handling waste than necessary.

In some cases, our solution will include an easy to use on-site compactor. This will make the waste easier to transport. Also, we often pay good money for clean, compacted materials.

Why recycle your materials?

Everybody knows that recycling is a good thing, but a little reminder never hurts. Here are a few reasons to recycle with BEWI Circular:

• It’s good for the climate

• It saves time and is good for business

• It brings you closer to the 2030 goals

• It’s safe, since we know what we’re doing

• It’s a win-win solution