Winter Rug

BEWI Winter Rug is a concrete cover mat intended for covering eg freshly poured concrete, insulation against frost penetration, moisture and heat insulation, insulation of water pipes and against all kinds of heat loss.

The winter rug is age-resistant and can withstand temperatures between -80 ° C and + 80 ° C. The carpet is made of polyethylene foam (PE) and has a completely closed cell structure, which not only makes it heat-insulating but also water-repellent. The carpet can withstand use several times.

The winter rug comes on a 50 meter roll with a width of 2 meters. The winter mat does not adhere to the concrete, which makes it easy to remove and use again at the next construction.

Technical properties

  • Thermal conductivity: 0,05 W / mK
  • Density: approx. 22 kg / m3
  • Width: 2000mm
  • Length: 50 m
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight / roll: 22 kg

Area of use

  • The winter rug covers and protects freshly poured concrete
  • Ground cover protects against frost and frost damage
  • Moisture and heat insulation for storage of sand, gravel or brick
  • Frost protection for pipes, for example water pipes
  • Temporary frost insulation of shafts


  • Very good thermal insulation
  • Short installation time
  • Delivered on a 50 meter roll
  • Reusable
  • Temperature resistant -80°C to +80° C
  • Reduces cracks in freshly poured



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designation Art nr. Content / pack
Winter Rug 2000 x 10 mmVINTERMATTA50 meters roll