Sherpa Systems

Temperature controlled packaging from +2 to +25°C

Ultimate flexibility with interchangeable cooling elements

The Sherpa solutions give you a wide range, from +2 to +8 degrees (Express) and +15 to +25 degrees (Ambient) – or both with the Universal solution. The configuration of the cooling elements determines the temperature range.

Since the cooling elements are water-based, they have a melting point of 0 degrees C. A combination of frozen and tempered elements must be used to ensure the ideal temperature inside the packaging. So you need to be careful when conditioning the elements. Please follow the instructions on the packing pattern with frozen and cooled elements.

The use of water as a refrigerant makes Sherpa products relatively large and heavy. On the other hand, they have a really nice price.



Wide range

+2 - +8°C and +15 - +25°C


Interchangeable cooling elements


Relatively large and heavy

Attractive price

At the lower end on the price list


Description Temperature range Volume Duration ART. NR
Sherpa Express+2 - +8 grader4 - 25 liter48 timer?
Sherpa Ambient+15 - +25 grader3 - 792 liter48, 72 og 96 timer?
Sherpa Universal+2 - +8 samt +15 - +25 grader2 - 792 liter48, 72, 96 og 120 timer?