SH Storage box

Durable, compact and lightweight with moveable dividers

Flexible storage solution designed for the ISO-standard

Durable, compact and lightweight plastic boxes for effective storage in the workplace, on trollies etc, according to the ISO-container standard. The boxes are stackable to save space and can be staggered when stacked for easy access.

Longitudinal and transverse dividers make it easy to create separate sections or compartments inside the box.

The SH storage box has a plastic lid. Other colours are available on request.

We work to keep raw materials in the loop for as long as possible, to reduce the total use of raw materials. The SH storage box is easy to clean and can be re-used over and over again.




Designed for the ISO-container standard


Can be combined according to customer needs


For easy handling and mobility


Made to last for heavy-duty use

Variations - SH Storage box

SH Storage box 2705 Larger compact, lightweight storage box with dividing possibilities.
SH Divider 2707 Longitudinal divider
SH Divider Short 2708 Transverse divider
SH Lid 2709 Lid for 2705


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
2705SH Storage boxRequest60 x 4059,1 x 18,5 (Deducted handle corners)30
2707SH DividerRequest59,1 x18,5-960
2708SH Divider ShortRequest36,7 x 18,5-1050
2709SH LidRequest60 x 40-192

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