Recycled EPS beads for insulation, drainage or filling up a beanbag

Light, insulating and versatile

These versatile beads are lightweight, easy to handle and highly absorbent with great insulating properties. rcBeads are often used as raw material for producing new EPS, for instance, by adding them to virgin raw material.

The rcBeads are produced by shredding and milling used EPS. We don’t add any new substances in the recycling process and extract pollutants and dirt with centrifugal power. This makes the beads exceptionally clean without breaking down the EPS structure.

5 mm rcBeads are very popular as filling in bean bags, as the beads make the bags exceptionally comfortable. They also have a number of additional purposes:

2-5 mm beads as insulation for flat roofs and floors

4-7 mm as soil insulation in greenhouses

10-20 mm in drainage filters as the beads allows water to pass through but stops dirt and sand

rcBeads are also used as cushioning in boxes to protect items during transport.




Can be used for insulation, filling, drainage, cushioning etc


Against heat, cold and moisture


Exceptionally clean and ideal for drainage


Made of 100% recycled EPS