Reduces heat loss in district heating wells

A simple installation of iso valve cover on the valves in district heating wells reduces the heat loss from the well significantly and in the long term. The insulation also provides effective protection of the valves against condensation and dripping from above the well cover (rainwater, road salt, etc.) isoValve cover from BEWI is made of the material HT210 EPS (High Temperature), which insulates and is heat stable at temperatures (above 100 ° C) suitable for use in many different forms of energy optimization, including in the district heating sector. Typically 6 isoValve caps are used per. well. Mounted easily and quickly i.f.m. general inspection of wells.

Unique features

done Large energy savings
done Heat stable up to 100 ° C
done Big savings on the bottom line
done Finger grip and easy to attach and remove
done Lightweight
done Protects against moisture, condensation and dirt
done Simple, easy and cheap

Sakskøbing Fjernvarme

done (Which originally helped to develop the valve) Experiments have reached an estimated annual production savings of min. 228KWh pr. well. The cost of the insulation can thus be earned back home in 2 years.

Sæby Varmeværk

done has also chosen to insulate the valves with the isoValve cover from BEWI. "We will definitely recommend this elegant solution to an otherwise difficult problem to anyone who uses valves in unprotected wells," says energy technician Steffen Simonsen.


Description Art. nr. Ext. dimensions L x W x H (mm.) Int. dimensions L x W x H (mm.) Quantity / package
IsoValvecoverS11218Ø200 x 280Ø140 x 24045 pcs.