Hot wire foam cutter for EPS & XPS

Cut EPS and XPS boards with millimetre precision

The precision hot wire EPS & XPS cutter that minimises dust and waste on the construction site

Ideal when you need to cut EPS boards with perfect accuracy, make a groove or cut at an angle. Just measure where to cut, place the board on the scaffold, press the button to heat the wire – and push it through the board. The cutter can also be used on XPS.

The cutter eliminates unnecessary waste, “EPS snow” and dust. It’s foldable and weighs only 19 kilos, which makes it easy to transport.

You can also cut grooves. Just adjust how deep you want the hotwire to cut. The cutter has scales for cutting at an angle and it works on moulded products, like BEWI’s construction system and floor heating insulation boards.




Cuts EPS and XPS with millimetre precision


For grooves, angle cutting, etc


Foldable and easy to transport

Cleaner workspace

Minimises dust and waste

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