Ground Heave Protection

Ground Heave Protection is an engineered cellular-structured void former that is precision-cut from EPS (expanded polystyrene) and protects against vertical ground heave for beam, slab or insulated slab applications

The BEWI Ground Heave Protection range offers different grades and depths to meet site specifications. The boards are engineered to protect the foundations of buildings against damage caused by upward – vertical – pressure of clay or ground.

It provides a stable platform to support the required depth of wet concrete during construction and the cellular core will collapse under the designed fail-load pressure to absorb the upward pressure and reduce damage.

          Key Benefits

  • Protects buildings against upward pressure caused by ground heave
  • BBA – certified
  • Meets NHBC Technical Standards
  • Board sizes aid a fast, easy installation
  • Bonded bottom sheet removes need for sand/cement blinding layer
  • Available with bonded EPS insulation board
  • Lightweight boards limit H&S risk on site
  • Installation Guide available



Technical Information

Product specification

Ground Heave Protection (Vertical) product range is supplied as a range of boards offering different grades and depths for specification. Each board is engineered to protect the foundations of buildings against the damage caused by the upward pressure of clay or ground heave in a given site and application situation.

Ground Heave Protection provides a stable platform to support a specified depth of wet concrete during construction and, a fully-tested cellular core that will collapse under the specified fail-load pressure to limit damage caused if upward pressure occurs.

Testing and Quality Control

Ground Heave Protection (GHP) boards are thoroughly tested to ensure each one will achieve the specific performance required. Our testing rig enables the testing of whole GHP boards – not just a small part of a board – so we know that our boards function exactly as you want them to.

In addition, we have a rigorous ongoing quality testing programme which ensures that the performance of  GHP boards can always be relied upon.

Product Grades

Ground Heave Protection is supplied in nine different performance grades to meet the required safe-load and fail-load performances for different thicknesses of concrete.

Each grade, from 1 to 9, supports a specified depth of wet concrete during construction and the subsequent collapse required in the event of upward pressure.


Bespoke Products

For projects with special requirements, such as a concrete thickness of over 2000mm, Bewi will design a bespoke board to meet your unique requirements. Please contact your Technical Sales Manager to discuss details.